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Liuzhou RImD Machinery Co., LTD., formerly GKN Power Solutions (Liuzhou) Co., LTD., is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Wheel Division of GKN Group, with 34 years of state-owned enterprise background and 14 years of foreign enterprise background.


The company has more than 50 years of construction and agricultural machinery wheel manufacturing experience, through continuous investment and lean optimization, the company successfully built electrophoresis primer and powder painting line, to solve the problem of corrosion aging, life reduction caused by mining, sea and other harsh environment and solve low-carbon environmental protection problem. The company has also invested in cold forming line to solve the surface quality problems of hot forming, such as oxide skin and easy cracking, so that the surface quality of products has been greatly improved, and the production efficiency has been greatly improved. It invests in mining large wheel production line to solve the problems of large wheel upsizing, customized machining capacity, and automatic welding to verify reliability. The company is supplying wheels for well-known material handling, construction machinery, mining machinery and other equipment OEMs both domestic & overseas market.


In April 2020, due to the strategic adjustment of GKN Group, the whole GKN Power Solutions (Liuzhou) Co., Ltd. was transferred to the new shareholder, and the new company Liuzhou RimD Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was born. Since the acquisition, the new shareholders have integrated and optimized the company, formulated and implemented a long-term strategic development plan. Constantly optimize products, improve product quality, improve management mode, not only inherit the mature solutions of GKN wheels, but also provide a strong guarantee to adapt to the changing needs of customers.


Liuzhou RimD Machinery Co., Ltd. covers an area of 72,000 square meters, with 320 employees and a registered capital of 250 million RMB. The company's main wheel products are distributed in material handling, construction machinery and mining machinery market segments, wheel specifications range from 6 inches to 63 inches, production and research and development technology is at the international leading level. We look forward to the successful wheel solutions we have applied in the market, can be applied to your company's products and services, together to enhance the terminal competitiveness of your company.

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